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Large Albums & Prints

A3 or A4 layflat album

  • A4 or A3 format? Just 26 pages or up to 90? Not only is our Lay Flat Photo Book a perfectly premium way to showcase your snaps, it's also super versatile depending on your needs.

  • With the Layflat photo album, you also get lay flat binding, a premium finish and extra thick paper as a default. But how small or supersized you make this layflat Photo Book is entirely up to you. No doubt you will love it as much as we do!

Purchase your A3 or A4 layflat PREMIUM album in the Online Store

Album A3 A4 photobox.jpg

Does it really lay flat?

  • Yes! We're all used to companies calling their products fancy names to lure customers in only to disappoint them later. Short term wins aren't our style. We've called this Photo Book a Lay Flat because it does actually open flat. 180º.

Album spread Photobox.jpg

Your book opens flat

  • A4: 29 x 22 cm or A3: 37 x 28 cm

  • Personalise the cover and spine

  • Range of cover and background themes available

  • Lay flat binding

  • 26 pages included in starting price

  • Extra pages $3 each for A4, $4 for A3. Maximum number of pages per book: 90

  • Premium finish; extra-thick 380 gsm paper

  • Get a matte cover for a small extra fee

  • Include a gift box or gift wrapping (only for A4) for a cost

A Lay Flat Photo Book is designed to show off your panoramics in all their glory. But you can decide to display those photos of the dog absolutely losing it while playing in the autumn leaves.

A4 album, 26 page $145

A3 album, 26 page $190

Purchase your A3 or A4 layflat PREMIUM album in the Online Store

Album layflat Photobox_edited.jpg

Print your favourite photo edge-to-edge for an eye-catching Canvas Print.

  • 4 sizes – from 40 x 60 cm to 100 x 75 cm

  • Square, rectangle or panoramic; portrait or landscape orientation

  • Wrap your photo around the edges or leave the sides blank

  • Polyester canvas mounted on a solid wooden frame

  • Thickness: 1.8 cm with the Lite option, 3.9 cm for a small extra cost with the Classic option

  • Hanging kit: free with the Classic option, available for a little fee with the Lite option

Whichever wedding day photo you choose, it will look spectacular on a Simple Canvas Print.

40 x 60 Canvas $120 (pickup only)

50 x 75 Canvas $130 (pickup only)

60 x 80 Canvas $150 (pickup only)

60 x 90 Canvas $190 (pickup only)

75 x 100 Canvas $195 (pickup only)

Occasionally the printer has multi-buy discount deals going! Ask :)

Purchase your canvas prints in the Online Store

Canvas Prints photobox.jpg
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