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Adelaide Event Photography

I really enjoy attending events and getting creative. I have a great flash system for indoors to capture crisp clear images. This service is for those who are serious about creative and quality photos!


Events I attend:

  • 18th and 21st Birthday parties

  • Milestone Birthday celebrations

  • Anniversaries

  • Christenings

  • Engagements

  • Child's Birthday Parties

Please see the album "Favourites from 2021" in the Client Albums page for my work! :-)

Why book a professional photographer for your event? We are trained to work in low-light setting, with design composition in mind, and have quality photographic equipment to capture your best moments in high resolution with amazing detail that beats smart phones hands down.

I own 2 x Full-frame large 35mm sensor mirrorless cameras. These have much superior sensor size. The larger the sensor, the more light comes in and falls over it to create an image of greater colour range, detail and with less noise (the specks you see on your smart-phone photos in dark room shots).

Professional photography gear is not the same as phone camera technology. It's all about the genius in the camera's sensor and sensor size, and light sensitivity. Smart phones will never be as good as digital photography cameras in capturing amazing high resolution, high detailed memories. Smart phone photos are 'good enough' for Instagram and facebook on your mobile, but on a large computer screen the evidence is clear on the lack of detail and noise! Try printing a large print from a smart phone photo - you will find it fuzzy, lacking detail and you'd likely regret it.

As at 01/06/2022 my price guide for events and occasions are:

  • 2 hours - 180 + professionally edited high definition files for upload $315

  • 3 hours - 280 + professionally edited high definition photos for upload $495

  • 4 hours - 350 + professionally edited high-definition files for upload $695

  • 6 hours - 600 + professionally edited high-definition files for upload $915

ADD IN Videography for a 2-3 minutes highlights MP4 for $120 extra - please ask for this at the time of booking, and I will add it to your quote.

Use the Services page and calendar to book, pay and secure professional photography for your event today! OR...

Pay by PayPal


Ask for an online invoice and pay by Credit Card through Square secure online!

Fill in the Contact me below, or message me on Facebook at or call/Text me on 0400 303 964


Click on a photo below to open the gallery. High-detailed awesome event photos.

Monique 21st Social Media Photo-117.jpg
Joanne 60th 16-10-21 Soc Media-243.jpg
Monique 21st Social Media Photo-137.jpg
Monique 21st Social Media Photo-217.jpg
Maddie Molloy 21st 06-11-21 Soc Media-80.jpg
Tony Michelle Wed 23-10-21 Social Media-557.jpg
Brendas 80th Social Media size-179.jpg

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