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Welcome to my website. I have built it myself so although it might not be perfect, it's authentically me!

Talking of authentic, that is just what I love to capture with my camera - you, your family, your pets being in the moment and truly you! I'm always excited to capture this authenticity and tell your stories whether it's outdoors for portraiture, or at your Wedding or a special occasion/event.

I've been fascinated with photography since I was a young girl, starting out with the 35mm Kodak film and mostly taking photos of our show pets during show time!


Although I don't show pets anymore, I am still an avid pet lover. I'm also a Mum of two beautiful souls, with 15 years between them, there's a special bond with these two. When I'm not being Mum, I'm working on my entrepreneurial abilities! I've often been in business throughout my life and I WILL TRY! That is me, somewhat determined, curious and willing. Always learning. I had discovered that I have a very strong passion for capturing people's precious moments, and fine-tuning and perfecting them to create cherishable memories that will last a lifetime. I've been out in the community with my camera since 2018 taking snapshots of those amazing memories.

With my dedication to my passion I completed Cert 4 in Photography and Photo Imaging at TAFESA - City Arts Campus in December 2020 to formally learn more deeply the technical and creative aspects of photography and photo Imaging. This has continued on into the Diploma of Photography in 2021 and I am about to graduate.

I look forward to photographing a piece of your journey with you! 








I'm on Instagram @JodiePopePhotog


I'm on Facebook www.facebook.com/JodiePopePhotogAdelaide


I hope to hear from you soon! Flick up the chat box, or call me on my mobile on 0400 303 964.

Email me jodie@jpphotos.com.au

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26 Moncur Street

WOODCROFT South Australia 5162

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